Under Water Sea Walk

About Under Water Sea Walk


1. Your amazing experience begins in a boat from Havelock Island Dock.

2. The boat takes you to Elephant Beach.

3. Upon reaching Elephant beach you rest and relax.

4. Enjoy your time at the beach and then get transferred to avail Sea Walk.

5. Wait for your turn to avail Sea Walk.

6. The Sea Walking Experience is availed on First come first serve basis and is based upon the slot you have received.

7. Expert guides will help you during your sea walking experience under water.

8. Later after completion of Sea Walk return back to Elephant beach.

9. Later return back to the Havelock dock on the same boat.

10. A guide will help you during sea walk and boat ride.

11. A helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head.

12. A special apparatus allows normal breathing under the water.

13. Life Guards assist in taking you underwater and accompany you throughout the walk to guarantee your maximum safety.

14. Going for the underwater Sea Walk is like going for an underwater tour inside the reef, walking between corals, seeing variety of fish, and discovering the rich sea life underwater in the crystal clear blue water of the lagoon.

15. Any one from age between 7 and 70 can go on to sea walk without any difficulties. our trained and certified guides are always in the water beside you to ensure you safe adventure.

16. Underwater seawalk is restricted under the following medical conditions: Asthma, Heart Patient and pregnancy. In case of doubt you may consult your doctor.


Sea Walk Timing - At North Bay Island - 9:00 AM , 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM

Sea Walk Timing - At Elephant Beach - Boat ride starts at 8:30 AM and is until 2:00 PM

Under Water Sea Walk