About Snorkeling


1. Snorkelling is the process of swimming on or through a entire body of water while outfitted with a designed tube known as a snorkel, and generally swim fins .

2. Utilizing this equipment permits the snorkeller to notice underwater attractions for extended time periods with comparatively small effort.

3. It is a well-known fun activity, especially at tropical resort and scuba diving places.

4. Snorkelling is also used by scuba divers when on the surface area and rescue teams may snorkel as part of a water-based search.

5. A snorkel is a tube around 30 cm long and with an on the inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, generally L or J-shaped and fixed with a mouth piece at the lower end, and designed of rubber or plastic.

6. It is applied for breathing air from over the water surface area when the wearer's mouth area and nose are submerged.

7. The snorkel generally has a part of rubber that connects the snorkel to the outside of the strap of the diving mask since pushing the snorkel between mask-strap and the head can cause the mask to leak.

8. The beach and the snorkelling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find at Port Blair.

9. The corals at North Bay are rather good and spread over large area.

10. You are very likely to spot many fish, a lobster, or even clams on the coral reef.

11. Life rings or jackets are provided during your snokelling trip.

12. A guide assist you while you snorkel.

13. You do not require swimming skills to do this activity though swimming skills can help.